Pizza Specialty

Pizza Specialty

In the heart of downtown Montreal and in Laval lies a well-kept secret: the best pizza can be found at El Pizzeria. Eager to experience it? Discover the art of making each slice of pizza a pure delight!

Our pizza dough is crafted with the utmost care and a modern touch that makes each slice unique. On a thin and crispy crust, our creations are perfectly placed. Explore the El Pizzeria signature pizza where flavor resides in every bite, thanks to the freshness of our ingredients and our famous creamy sauces.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of pasta dishes to discover in one of our El Pastaman restaurants in the city and in Laval. We take pride in cooking fresh pasta that is a delight every time!

Explore the El Pizzeria

At El Pastaman and El Pizzeria, attention to detail is paramount, and each dish is prepared with a style that will captivate you. The secret to our recipes? Our pizzas and pasta are cooked on-site, and everything is handmade.

The best pizzas are just steps away from your doorstep!

What’s your favorite pizza recipe? At El Pizzeria, we cater to the most discerning palates, right in the heart of downtown Montreal and in Laval. From the popular Margherita pizza to being pleasantly surprised by bold combinations like prosciutto and arugula, you’ll want to introduce our recipes to all your friends! Believe it or not, we offer you the gastronomic richness just steps away from your doorstep!

Delights of a modern pasta cuisine in Montreal and Laval!

Don’t have time to visit us? Are you unexpectedly hosting friends for an impromptu evening? Are you in search of the best pasta cuisine in downtown Montreal or Laval? Discover the catering service of El Pastaman restaurant today, and you will be charmed. Yes, our culinary creations can be enjoyed with friends or family, right at home!

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