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Culinary delights that will leave you wanting more!

Don’t have time to visit us? Are you unexpectedly hosting friends for an impromptu evening? Are you in search of the best pasta cuisines in downtown Montreal or Laval? Discover the catering service of El Pastaman restaurant today, and you will be charmed. Yes, our culinary creations can be enjoyed with friends or family, right at home!

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The flavor of our dishes and the discovery of our modernized pasta await you during each of your experiences at El Pastaman and El Pizzeria, these hidden gems in the heart of downtown Montreal and Laval.
Carefully selected ingredients, unique recipes, and exceptional flavors make our pasta dishes breathtaking! You will be delighted with every bite!
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Modern Pasta delights, just around the corner!

Our handmade modernized pasta is a dream come true for any lover of fine modern cuisine! Everything is prepared from scratch because we strive to craft our creations with the utmost distinction that you love. In Montreal and Laval, experience a dreamlike modern cuisine!

You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of pasta dishes to discover in one of our El Pastaman restaurants in the city and in Laval. We take pride in cooking fresh pasta that is a delight every time!

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Enjoy precious moments with family or friends at our two restaurants located in downtown Montreal and Laval. Freshly prepared and handmade, our modern pasta delights will make El Pastaman and El Pizzeria your favorite rendezvous!

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